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Welcome to Wholistic Body Building & Wellness

Wholistic (Typically spelt holistic but we believe that every individual is treated as a whole so we spell it “Wholistic”) Body Building & Wellness (WBBW) is not your average fitness studio or gym. Our boutique style personal training studio uses a multidisciplinary approach—focusing on developing core strength, muscle tone, promoting weight loss and proper nutrition.


At WBBW, our priority is our client’s restoration and preservation of health—a philosophy we encourage to be a cornerstone of your family’s health. This is done by integrating therapeutic techniques and mirroring those movements into corrective exercise on the gym floor, and instilling them in everyday living.


When we look at the positive impact on our client’s well-being, it’s obvious that WBBW will change the way people train and feel. Remember—the key to wellness is to lengthen and strengthen the body—and at WBBW, your wholistic well-being is what we’re here to achieve.

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Membership has its advantages. In addition to being able to book time with our wholistic trainers and certified personal trainer network members can:


  • Have unlimited access to the facility during operational hours
  • Receive fitness assessments
  • Utilize executive style change rooms, which includes fresh towels, lockers, shampoo and conditioner, body wash and blow dryers


At WBBW, we offer a variety of cutting-edge and exclusive equipment that promotes strength, flexibility and stability.





Wholistic Body-Building & Wellness
7611 Pine Valley Drive
Units 5 & 6
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 0A2
Tel: 905.264.6844
Fax: 905.264.7844



Monday – Friday: 6am – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed