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Barbara Bachelder has been teaching Pilates, Yoga and Dance for the last 14 years. She was introduced to Pilates and Yoga as a dancer and was amazed by the changes in her body. Barbara started her fitness career in Canada, working at Toronto’s top Pilates Studios and Health Clubs, among them the STOTT Pilates International Studio. She later accepted a role as a Pilates Instructor Trainer in Sydney, Australia where she taught for six years. Barbara specializes in working with Athletes, Pre/Post Natal women and in Rehabilitation. Her latest passion is Booty Barre classes – a fun and energetic workout that fuses fitness techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga.


Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning that integrates muscle control, breathing, flexibility, strength training and body awareness. You will look and feel better regardless of your age and current level of fitness.


Over the last 5000 thousands years, yoga has evolved into a wide range of styles and disciplines. Yoga will teach you how to unify your mind, body and soul, leaving your refreshed, calm and ready to take on the world.

Hatha Yoga, is the foundation for many yoga styles and great for beginners. You will learn basic poses, relaxation techniques and terminology that you will find in almost any other style of yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga, is an athletic and flowing style of yoga, that emphasizes combining breath with movement. A great class for beginners and those who want to continue challenging themselves.


An open level class that helps with core strength, flexibility, sculpting and toning, injury prevention, and improved posture.

  • Tuesday: 9:30am – 10:30am
  • Thursday: 9:30am – 10:30am
  • Saturday: 1:00pm – 2:00pm





Serena graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honours. In addition to her Nutrition training, Serena holds a certification as a Fitness Specialist, from CANFIT Pro and is a Certified Metabolic Coach.

Serena is an energetic and dynamic wellness professional, and has her own private practice, Body in Health. As a mother, she is passionate about women’s health and specializes in digestion, hormone balancing, weight management, allergies and thyroid issues. Using her multi-faceted expertise, Serena assesses her clients individual nutritional status, developing customized diet therapy, fitness, emotional and lifestyle recommendations, leading her clients step by step, to a healthier, vibrant life.



Dr. Sinclair has had a personal interest in Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle counseling for over 25 years. Danielle received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Western Ontario before pursuing her dream to be a Naturopathic Doctor. She graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Since then, she has completed many certifications including: Restorative Medicine Physician from the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine, Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach using FirstLine Therapy for weight loss, blood sugar regulation and cardiovascular health, and Advanced Acupuncturist in facial rejuvenation and cellulite treatment.

Her medical training extends beyond this list to include Botanical Medicine, Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Lifestyle Coaching, Counseling and Clinical Nutrition. She believes in addressing all areas of health, including body, mind and spirit. Trained to find the root cause of the disease, Dr. Sinclair works thoroughly with each patient to tailor the patient’s treatment plan in order to meet his/her specific needs. Her goal is to educate and empower each patient to make the necessary lifestyle modification to achieve optimal health.


  • Offer families a drug-free, holistic approach to childhood and adult ailments and conditions
  • Provide a healthy and successful plan for weight loss and weight maintenance to suit the patient’s lifestyle and routine
  • Use supportive laboratory tests to further explore the health barriers of the patient
  • Continue to provide up-to-date, medical information to my patients so they can make informed choices about their well-being


  • Hormone Balancing and Fertility for both Female and Male Patients
  • Food and Environmental Allergy Treatment
  • Glandular Imbalance Treatment (such as for Thyroid, Adrenals, Prostate)
  • Digestive Disorder Prevention and Treatment
  • Common Childhood Conditions, including ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Chronic Infections, Asthma, and Skin Afflictions