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Since working with Robina, my body has completely changed for the better. Even at my skinniest, I didn’t look this good. She is a pleasure to work with, is knowledgeable, honest, and with her nursing background, you will be hard pressed to find someone who has a better understanding of your body.


I definitely have more than a few kind words to say about Robina—she is truly amazing. After moving to Toronto and trying out several trainers unsuccessfully, I was initially skeptical to train with Robina. Soon after our very first session however, I knew that this was a match made in fitness heaven. I have multiple health issues and she really listens to my body and pushes me at the right time and the right amount. She is also a wealth of knowledge in terms of diet and supplements. Her own physique after having three sons is a testimony to her dedication and knowledge to her discipline. After having worked out with her for less than a year, I am almost at my goal weight and feel lean and toned. I would recommend to anyone and everyone regardless of their fitness level.


Robina is passionate about fitness and it shows in the amount of energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She is the perfect combination of tough and kind and she works with the whole person—mentally, emotionally and physically. Robina made each workout challenging, creative, and most importantly, fun! She also placed a high value on correct form with each exercise and she motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get results.


Robina is truly an excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm. She knows just how and when to encourage you and when to push you. She motivates me to push past my limits to get results. You are truly amazing.


I was referred to Ian Walling and was told he was the best in the fitness industry. He takes you on a journey of self-reflection and discovery where he works on your mind, body and soul. Ian has a positive aura and is very inspiring and encouraging and has a passion for health and wellness. His diet and exercise regimen is excellent and he pushes you beyond your limitations and boundaries. His philosophy is “the body achieves what the mind believes”.

Ian helped me to achieve my personal goal of overcoming challenges in my life and instilling the confidence I needed to enter my first IDFA competition in July 2013—and I placed 4th! I could not achieve these goals without his encouragement, knowledge and motivation.

Thank you, Ian for all your support and expertise. You are a friend and a mentor and I will definitely be referring you to everyone.

Claudia Piccirilli

Two years ago while taking my PTS course, my instructor encouraged me to enter a competition. I laughed and turned him down without giving it much thought. This past spring I was hitting a plateau in my training and needed a new challenge.

The idea to enter a competition never did leave my head and I had never really given it some serious thought. It was flattering to think that someone thought I had the body to get up on stage wearing nothing but a bikini—I began doing some research and discovered that I could enter a competition and maintain my health.

I got in contact with the instructor who had first suggested I compete (Dave Nelson) and we met over a long cup of tea to discuss everything. He put me in contact with Ian Walling and the next thing I knew, I was starting day one of my 12 week competition preparation.

This process has been an amazing one for me both physically and mentally. I have transformed my body in a way I never thought possible. I have surprised myself in many ways including having the ‘staying power’ to stick to the diet with very little problems with cravings, and to train six days a week without skipping a single workout. The transformation in my body has been amazing and empowering. I have built so much confidence and while going on stage still freaks me out, I know I can do it if I put my mind to it.

Ian Walling and Robina Abramson have been teaching and mentoring me through this entire process. Ian provided me with a diet and both he and Robina have coached me with my walking and my posing. Only they know how far I have come. From being an awkward woman who never wore heels and had no concept of how to move my hips, let alone walk without falling over…

I have trusted them through this entire process and slowly believed all the words of encouragement they have been giving me. I thank both of them for their continued support and knowledge throughout this process. I have truly began to think of them as more than just coaches, but as friends. I would never have been ‘stage ready’ without their help!

Esther De Boer

Before training with Ian I had been working out in a gym on my own for about a year. Having played hockey my whole life, I had always been an active person. Even still, I was not seeing the results I was looking for while working out on my own.

After joining Anytime Fitness I began training with Ian. At this point, a transformation process began. Looking leaner and stronger, I was finally seeing results! Ian taught me the importance of proper form while working out which I believe has made all the difference. He has also taught me how to fuel my body with proper nutrition.

Since training with Ian I look forward to each and every work out with him as well as on my own. I now feel I have control over how I look and feel with everything I have learnt from him. I have learned so much from Ian and continue to learn from him.

Even when working out my own Ian will often help me. He offers advice, makes recommendations, and corrects my form. Because of Ian I now also thoroughly enjoy yoga and include it weekly in my fitness routine. Ian has demonstrated a healthy and holistic approach to fitness. He has transformed both the way I look and feel.

Had I not begun training with Ian I would still likely be frustrated from training and hardly seeing any results. I am expressly grateful for having the opportunity to train with him!

Danielle Minatel

As a mother of five my body had taken major abuse. Through terrible eating, poor sleeping, and lack of exercise I was extremely overweight and not happy with myself. My health was deteriorating. I was always tired and depressed. I was riding on a roll coaster of self destruction.

I live in Shelburne and starting exercising with a trainer in that area at the beginning of my transformation 8 years ago. Over time I became fit and happy with myself. However, I desired a leaner, fit look. I knew I was stuck in a routine and I needed help. Though I had reached a desired weight, and was in great health I wanted more in my exercise routine and visual appearance.

I knew I had to challenge myself to a new level. Three years ago at 48, I wanted to enter a fitness modeling contest. This is how I encountered Ian Walling. For the past 5 months Ian has become both a nutritional, fitness coach and trainer for me.

Ian has given me a new perception on my body and health. He was able to transform my body to exactly where I had envisioned it. It wasn’t easy. My posture was horrible and needed major help. Ian provided me with many suggestions and guided me to the proper professionals. Ian knew exactly where my weaknesses were and worked with me to perfect them.

My transformation did not come easy. It took dedication and time. Ian’s passion and love for health and fitness clearly made my journey more manageable. His enthusiasm for fitness made each training session enjoyable. I have encountered many trainers at a gym but I have never encountered an Ian Walling. I feel honored to be able to say that I have trained with the best.

I had a dream and he made it reality! For that, I am blessed!

Pauline Hamilton